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pete247 said:
As I have said the speedo is inacurate so probably no where near 175 in real speed. However the "FY" has longer gearing than the sport so is capable of going faster at the expense of acceleration. Don't know bout the "FX".

I realise peeps do tend to exagerate top speeds at times but "Safeguard" (any matelot will know what that means) 175mph WAS indicated and the world each side of me looked like warp speed in Star-Trec!

FX and FY are identical all barring a slightly differnet paint job. Bet selling CBR600's to date !!

I have seen 152 on my clock, but i'm a little larger than you, so i guess thats why i wont go any further.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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