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Hi all,

I've just signed up and I'm after some information please.

I'm looking at changing my saxo VTS for something bigger and I like the looks of the ZS180 as it matched the saxo in performance.

Are they any problems that they have, I'm asking as I've had alot of problems with my saxo and I don't want to have a repeat experience.

Also what sort of fuel Consumsion do you get anything I should what out for?



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The fuel consuption will be the bigest thing you will notice between the two if that bothers you i wouldn't buy one.
But that said,if you drive at a steady 70 on a motorway i find it quite reasonable.
I have had an encounter with a VTS recently and after 60 it was game over .The mid range power of the 2.5 KV6 is ace and the handling is awesome.
I really think you should have a test drive in one - you wont be dissapointed but if you do buy a ZS dont pay over the odds.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts