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How reliable is your computer?

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As above- how reliable is your comp in term's- how long you can go without it crashing/locking/freezing up?, and is there any one thing that seems to reliably cause your comp to lock- or switch itself off effectivley due to supposed "fatal errors!"

Mine is patchy at best!- sometimes it can go for day's without hassle- other time's it will fall down/crash maybe 1-3 times per night! :sad:

One thing that does cause it to spaz out and freeze up within about 5 mins without fail is if im playing- even the most basic games online- or indeed- a mate o mine lent me tiger woods 2006, and that would'nt play for more than about 3 mins at a time without causing my comp to crash!, and the ONLY way round each time it happens is to turn the comp off at the power button- and restart it! :bh

Anyone else have problems like this? -or is it just me!???????? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I've only been trying to play a simple 2d puzzle game as o latley- but as i say- i can't play it for more than 5 mins without the comp crashing/locking up! :bh :bh :bh :bh :bh :bh

I can see the comp suffering death by shotgun/sledgehammer & fire if this keeps up!- it's nearly been out the window a few time's- i can tell ya! :frust

Computers! :sad: - great WHEN there working- a royal pain in the arris when there not! :bh :bh :bh
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They have 2 buttons now, well, the actions of 2.

I prefer Macs to use at home, as I work with Windows all day. The joys of being I.T!
My 5 year old HP PC is good except ie8 keeps jamming and locking up! :(
HP make decent desktop machines. For laptops, I go to Dell. As for IE8...ffftttt.
Mine is playing up at the moment so not been on here for a while. BT Voyager router with a Belkin USB adaptor. Keep losing internet connection and when I search for available networks, loads come up except for mine?? I'm guessing that the router and or the adaptor is faulty? The router gets really warm.
Yeah those Voyagers are quite old now. Suprised they haven't swapped it out for a Home Hub or something, although they aren't very good either.
I changed the voyager for another supposedly new voyager a couple of months ago courtesy of ebay but it's now doing the same thing. My guess is, that if my computer/ usb is picking up all my neighbours systems, then it's a fair bet that the router is faulty?
However since this time yesterday it's been working fine. Sods law as I have another router & usb on their way to me.
In answer to the original question- very!

Hand built, i7 975x, Rampage 3 mobo, 12GB DDR3 1600 RAM, ATI 5900 2GB.
Running Win7 and no problems to date.

I love pc's and building them.

And also hi, I'm new here. Picking up a MG ZS 180 on saturday so thought I'd do some homework on it.

Nice, what you getting?

That PC is some piece of kit.

I used to be into it, I had nice watercooled PC before. Ran a 1.2ghz overclock!

Was a few years ago now, I had 2x 8800gtx in SLI and watercooled.
Nice, what you getting?

That PC is some piece of kit.

I used to be into it, I had nice watercooled PC before. Ran a 1.2ghz overclock!

Was a few years ago now, I had 2x 8800gtx in SLI and watercooled.
The car? MG ZS 180, Trophy Blue, 02 plate, 77k, 1300 quid. Not bad really

I have had a few setups before. This one is watercooled on the CPU only, can get 4.0ghz stable from each core. The ATi 5900 is a dual GPU card (one of the fastest dual GPU's on the market). I have to supplement it with and 8 pin and a 6 pin power. I used to have a 4870 Vapor-X, which was brilliant. Before that I had a SLI setup of 2x nVidia 260. Heat was a massive problem, and they were very loud.
Bloody computers. Belkin G Router with built in modem was bought off ebay hopefully to have replaced the BT Voyager. No good though as the Belkin has to be ethernet wired from a phone socket to the computer where as I was expecting wireless. So that's back on ebay for sale. Installed a newer and more powerfull usb adaptor though and that has improved things.However, there was no installation disc etc. Took me a while to sort a driver out. Then I couldn't get rid of the old adaptor by removing programmes. I tend to learn things the longer way these days !
Belkin G . . .. sounds like wireless 802.11g to me . . . they usually have to be connected via LAN for the initial setup but then all PCs that use it can be wireless.

Maybe I am confused about what you mean . . .
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