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How does an R75 2.5 compare to these 2?

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Performance, handling and ride.
Rover 620 Auto
Rover 827si saloon MK1 with 5 speed manual
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Performance, handling and ride.
Rover 620 Auto
Rover 827si saloon MK1 with 5 speed manual

I am a bit of a Rover man and have driven almost everthing model they have produced in the past 10 years.

I have a 2.5 manual Conn. SE.

In terms of performance, you probably know that 827's have the best throttle response of any car on the planet. Touch the throttle in neutral, and it is as if the tacho has been hit by lightning. It then comes down and assumes an idle as if it has hit the end stop. Even today, when this engine design is 15 years old - Amazing stuff!!

The 75 has a very good response, better than it's competitiors, but suffers a little from having a heavy flywheel and a very short first and shortish second gear.

In terms of performance in a straight line, I am impressed by just how quick it is, MK1 827 manuals are quite light so I would guess that on a strip the 2.7 would have the 75 - until they got to around 85-90 MPH when the KV6 has more torque than the Honda units, and you know it.

I don't think overall there would be a lot in it. In fact, if you work it hard it is surprisingly brisk and reminds me of a 27 in a lot of ways. Apart from, I am pleased to say the driving along with the window open checking for the dreaded "Clack Clack Clack".

The KV6 seems to have a bit more midrange too and does it's best work between 3,200 - 5,500.

It would eat a 620 Auto for breakfast, dinner and lunch.

I think it handles very well. Body is exceptionally stiff compared to the 800, and a lot stiffer than the 600. It rolls a bit, although, I think this is more noticable when being driven as a passenger in the car.

This is because: Ride is absolutely superb, at any speed it makes my friends new 3 series seem harsh. Leagues ahead of the 620 and 800.

Seats are very comfortable, but offer little support for handling, so when you do push it you may find yourself sliding a little.

After going in a more sporty car, the 75 can feel a bit of a barge. But that is not what this car is about. I am a youngish guy and I very rarely push this car, I don't drive Miss Daisy either, but this car is not built for caining about, thats what the ZT's are for!!!

; - )

It is both a relaxing and rewarding drive.

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Thanks very much for the information. I have the 620 and had the 827.
I loved the 827, it had superb performance, though brake fade was always a problem.
The 620 I'm not so keen on, though it handles quite well. The 75 seems to be the right car, I would go for the ZT, but the dash isn't to my liking, I like wood.
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