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Last March on an 11 plate (30-03-11) my wife bought me a brand new Honda CBR125R in Asteroid Black Metallic. It is the new 2011 model.

I got this as a toy to play with only in the Summer months on dry days only. The weather was not too good last Summer & when it was I found myself working on the MG Montego etc prepping it for shows so the bike hardly got used.
It had to have it's 6 Month service at the end of September (done on 04-10-11). Pointless really given by the time I had rode it there to be serviced it had only 84 (Eighty Four) miles on the clock but had to be done for warranty.

I drove it on an extended route home as the weather was good & when I arrived at home it had 114 Miles on the clock. It still has 114 miles on the clock. Because of the lack of use it would be better to pass it on to someone that will use it.
The new cost is £3200 & I added an extra 3rd year Honda warranty which is worth £300.
Needless to say this bike is quite literally just as mint as it was in the showroom as it has not been driven in the wet & is covered up in the garage.

So apart from the 11 reg plate it is good as an unregistered bke but can be bought somewhat cheaper.
I am looking for £2575 for this bike saving nearly £1000 on a new one!! This really is a lovely piece of kit but just under used.

I also have virtually unused decent gear to be offered for sale too.


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