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Right... just thought I'd say Hi seeing as I'm new here :D
I've been looking at getting a new ZR160 so thought I'd source out some websites and/or clubs/forums and see what advice is out there :D
I currently drive a modified Peugeot 106 Quiksilver and am getting my normal 2 year 'itch' so am looking for a new car. I had a list to choose from..... Impreza, Accord Type R, and then I saw the ZR and the list stopped there!!
Any tips on buying a new one would be great :D

Cheers in advance :cool:

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hello matt
the first bit of advice is dont pay over the odds!
they are advertising the 160 at trade sales slough for £11.499
the only probs i have heard about are minor trim problems,like side skirts not fixed propely and rattling rear hatches .
apart from that its a rocket!

Agree with Kevin. Shop around - my advice is try Kernahans (I know not them again), or a new out fit to me called Richardsons. See MGR Links on the main site. You should get a reasonable discount + anything else that's on offer at the time - reasonable finance and/or servicing.

Oh! Some dealers don't know their **** from their elbow! So research the ZR160 form the brochures, including prices. Have to say hate the look of the Civic Type R, but its British, built in Swindon and it goes! Looks great in Black too! Would be a close run thing for me. However, I know the ZR160 will be cheaper to buy, looks great and the deprecaiation on a cheaper car will be less.

Hope this is of some help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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