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Have you?

Seem to search our board and then don't contribute - shame really - more the merrier.

Where, do they go next, I wonder? NEWQUAY?

2,833 Posts
very strange indeed MR Rock
its a bit like a stranger walking into your house, watching your Telly all night and then going without saying hello;)
are there any names that spring to mind?

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Great board folks.

I would like to thank the guy for using vBulletin, the best in my IMO.

Using the light background, is very sensible, because I can read the posts without straining my eyes! there are other MG boards where I find this very difficult to do.

Surprised that you have so few posters, how long have you been on-line?

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Thanks for the remarks.

This type of board is the Best The Lancer Register is adopting it very soon, after I mentioned it +ve virtues. I initially saw it been displayed to very good use at Lancer Forums. I then contacted there webmaster and everything else is history as they say.

I haven't fiddled with it too much. As he default is easy to read and operate. The only thing I wold like to change is to place the sign in bar at the top of the Forums. Ah! well not quietva perfect world :D

Take a look at Lancer Forums , they have set up a register database on the back of the Forum. I will also ask how this is done and maybe we could adopt something similar.
Addendum: This is the page that's worth a look:
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