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Tony Blair's favourite trade union leader last night questioned whether MG Rover will survive as he gave the green light to a strike ballot over pay.

Sir Ken Jackson, joint general secretary of Amicus, accused the biggest British-owned car manufacturer of treating its 7,000 employees, 98% of whom own shares in the company, with contempt.

The strike ballot, he said, was a symptom of serious difficulties at the loss-making Longbridge firm as he signalled that the long "honeymoon" since MG Rover was saved from closure two years ago was over.

"It is obvious that there is some deep-seated problem here," said Sir Ken.

"After all we have gone through, we don't want to see Rover go under. We all recognised from the start that Rover had to have a partner and that they have to have partners for the future.

"If there is to be a future, we have to make sure Rover has the products to sell in what is going to be a very competitive market. There are very few independent companies in this area who have got the resources to launch a new model."

Sir Ken is concerned that MG Rover has apparently failed to find a partner to develop the replacement - due to be launched in 2004 - for the ageing 25 and 45 small and family-sized models.

The decision of the Amicus leadership to follow the T&G transport workers and approve a strike ballot was taken against a backdrop of deteriorating industrial relations.

MG Rover management demanded greater flexibility, including a commitment to put in more hours during busy periods and less in quiet months, in return for a below inflation 2.5% rise.

The company derecognised T&G shop steward Bill Mitchell, who had called for the offer to be rejected, and infuriated employees by announcing it would set up a "job shop" to get rid of anyone "not prepared to continue to fight for the company's success".

A yes vote could trigger the first strike at Longbridge since the days of nationalisation and British Leyland. The car manufacturer remained strike-free after it was sold to British Aerospace and then on to ***.

MG Rover was saved from closure in 2000 when a consortium of west midlands businessmen led by former executive John Towers, now the chairman, bought it for pounds 10 from *** which had lost pounds 800m during a disastrous reign.

A spokesman said: "We remain on track. We estimated a loss of less than pounds 200m for the year 2001 and all the indications are that we will deliver that, which is a considerable improvement on the previous year and the year before that."

"The 2002 target is still aspirationally to break even, which would be a phenomenal return. The business is on track and the medium car is being worked on."

Aiming to roll 200,000 cars off the Longbridge assembly line this year, it is a minnow in global terms and considered far too small to survive as an independent manufacturer.

Talks have been held with the China Brilliance Group, which is partly state-owned, in what could be an echo of an old tie-up with Japanese car maker Honda until that deal ended in acrimony in 1994.

Discussions with other potential partners, including Proton of Malaysia which controls Lotus, failed.

Sir Ken Jackson. . . the honeymoon is over

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some of you might feel that ive used too strong a word,but ive seen nothing but BOLLOCKS today on here and the BBS.
This statement by Ken Jackson is more to do with his re-election against some one from the hard left than it is to do with MG Rover.
ken and other right wing unionists are really worried about the election of my old neighbour Bob Crow as leader of the RMT who is not shy of the odd strike :O). so in his rush to appear more hard line than his left wing opponent ,ken is talking strikes.
kens old electrical union recruited scabs for Murdoch in the Wapping dispute (to the disgust of the rest of the TUC) i hope the longbridge workers aren't taken-in by this game thats being played by union dinosaurs ,long after their still on the dole ken & bob will still be living in their £300,000+ houses.

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Perfectly acceptable response under the circumstances, Kevin. I don't know the history of the dispute you refer to, but I believe what you say.

I'm sure the workforce at Longbridge will have been adequatly briefed too.

However, looks as though there is one word I forgot to sensor. :D

From The Administrator.

If "HS" continues to provoke a Hornets Nest on this Forum, his privaledges will be revoked. He has been warned!

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Homer is most definitely not "M***". However, as his posts are most unwelcome, he has been warned to tone his arguments down. Futhermore, if the relevent MODERATORS do not like any further posts - EDIT or DELETE them!

For the moment his 3 posts will stay.

Back to Topic, I endorse the majority - MGR until quite recently had this policy of numerous official press releases & leaks from various sources. This was undesirable, consequently as they have dried up the Guardian & Sunday Times have started silly stories.

However, as we all know the 28th should be the day that MGR announce the teams and drivers for the Le Mans teams - factory and private too.

2 x factory (drivers similar to last year)
4 x private minimum (Knighthawk - Dyson?)


Works and Private teams to be announced!

Maybe the "Ultimate" versions of the ZR - ZS and the ZT265 spec!

Exciting times indeed. :) :D :)

Guess what I'll be away to miss this major announcement too. :(
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