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The GT40, the modern version of the historic, two-seat supercar, will help breathe new excitement into the Ford brand and support Ford Motor Company's promise of 20 new or freshened products each year.

"Our revitalization plan is centered on products," said Ford. "The company that builds and delivers the best cars and trucks wins, and we're going to win. I can't think of a better symbol of that winning attitude than GT40."

Ford Division President Jim O'Connor announced Ford GT40 production plans and revealed a new advertising campaign featuring Chairman and CEO Bill Ford (top tip Bill - never appear in your own companies ads!).

The new GT40, created by Ford’s "Living Legends" studio, is more than 18 inches longer and stands nearly four inches taller than the original and should by all rights be called the GT44.

GT40 joins the Thunderbird, Mustang and the Forty-Nine concept as part of Ford's "Living Legends" lineup which hark back to successful products from the past. Production capacity, vehicle specifications, performance numbers, pricing and the final name of the production vehicle will be revealed at a later date.

Story from Pistonheads - great news for Ford. Peach of an engine to be fitted to OUR fast Coupes and salooons!


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