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- 57k, 2 previous owners
- 2004 54
- Lowered on Black Avo's
- Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2's with Parada's
- 6 x 4 Oval Backbox
- Tax and long Test
- 600 TI 282mm brakes with new disks and pads (2K miles ago)

The car recently had engine work - head gaskets, oil and coolant etc. The car runs mint and feels good. There is a problem though, it blows smoke (oil) from cold occasionally. Once it has been running for around 10 seconds it's absolutely fine, no smoke at all. Must be valve stem oil seals i would think. It's something i would mention but with how the car's driving it can't be terminal. Would be an ideal project for someone - T Series or a 160 lump. It has 5 door Matric seats, so getting in and out of the back is a menace.

I'm looking for £1300 as it stands Nice car for the money! Located in Leeds.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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