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Great ideas for MG-R?

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Here's one that I'm sure someone has already thought of, why not join 2 KV6 engines together instead of using b******G Ford engines for the superb 265 and 385.
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Would have been nice if MGR had there own V8 to install.

However, the Yank V8 delivers impressive Horsepower. Wonder if it is the same motor in the newly announced "GT40?"
ZT385 or is it ZT400? Sideways is Best!
ZT400??? :eek: is that a likely possibility?
I honestly think so. :)

It has been rumoured that the bhp maybe higher by those in the know!
That should bob-along a bit then:)
wait till the american tuners get their hands on it ,could morph into the ZT700

Too true - they reckoned that the 500 coluld easily have been tuned to 700 last year!!! :)


PS. Time for bed been up all night or day depending on where your coming from! :D
American tuners??? can I remind you that no one tunes engines like us, look what we did to the Buick engine of 1963, it started as a 3.5 litre 135bhp and went on to TVR and 5 litre and 340bhp. It even became known as the Rover V8, so I feel that they could let MG-R do the tuning and we could see some interesting bhp figures.
i'm as patriotic as anyone but when it comes to tuning and V8's in particular,then the yanks are the "daddies".
when the ZT400 is available both sides of the pond i'll bet they will be the first to crack 700bhp
All I have to say is F1.
And racing cars in gereral, we take other peoples engines and tune them, ie Subaru Rally cars etc.
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