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God Help Me

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My sister has gone psycho....shouting screaming threatening me... banging doors smashing stuff. Where are the men in white coats?! Freakin hell I need to get away from this!

Anyone work in this sorta area? We're clueless as to dealing with her!
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feel for you mate i really do !, my x was the same (as is her mam) and her sister now 28 is even worse , she still lives at home and has the family terrified of her, there have been too many incidents to mention (one involved her sis in a blind rage ripping the front door of and throwing it in the street), think what peeps are saying is right if they think they can get away with it they will, my x moved out a long time ago settled down a lot with me , responsible job , house , family etc and was always still treated second best and blamed for everything(because her mother wasnt scared of her like her sister and wouldnt chastise her) so she got the brunt of her mothers frustrations at her sister (which got passed to me verbally and physically). Sister is still the same like a spoilt brat my 4 year old wouldnt do what she does. think its just because she can and until parents stand up to her (which will be hard) then they will carry on manipulating everyone the same way to get what they want regardless of what they do to the family !

not good times sorry buddy
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1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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