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God Help Me

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My sister has gone psycho....shouting screaming threatening me... banging doors smashing stuff. Where are the men in white coats?! Freakin hell I need to get away from this!

Anyone work in this sorta area? We're clueless as to dealing with her!
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I think she will need a trip to your local doc's first to establish what the problem is. From there I think he will either prescribe some drugs or refer her to a phsychiatrist or even a hospital. Hope she gets some help soon as it can't be easy for you.
Your parents need to be stronger with her and not give in to her demands. Im guessing she knows exactly whats shes doing by the way she has been with the counseller. Do you not have a family member that she could go stay with for a bit i.e someone that would be alot firmer with her. Skunk is just a stronger version of bush but I agree it does affect people in different ways. I smoked it for several years and never had a problem. It's supposed to be a drug that just makes you chill out. I think you have to smoke it for a good number of years before it affects you mentally. Do you think she could be taking something different? I know you said the b/f is a knob jockey but have you tried to talk to him to see if she is like this with him ? When you say she flips out could you provide some examples as to what she is flipping out about.
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Then how is it legal to buy 'off the net' over here? Its also illegal in the USA, AUS, and many other countries!
I am almost 100% sure you can not buy weed/skunk off the internet. Are you sure it's not a herbal form, a bit like tea. This you can buy in shops that stock all smoking stuff without actually selling the drug i.e weed pipes,bongs and rolling papers etc.. If you could buy skunk etc off the net then there would be no dealers and there are still dealers around. You can still get done for possesion of canabis but if it is a small amount for personal use then this will be taken off you and a street caution issued.
OK I've checked out the website and I'm no scientist but I'm guessing their using different chemicals which is what makes it legal. I think you would be far safer using illegal weed. At least that way what is grown is smoked. In this case it is mixed with god knows what. The reviews on some of the products is completely different to what you would get off the illegal stuff. Some reviews state a great high (nothing wrong here) but a bad comedown, this is the problem. You should not experience a comedown after smoking weed, the effects just simply wear off. This is why I question what the chemical is their using as this may be your problem. Also it doesn't really look like skunk.

Not that I would know :err:
Scooter - I understand the outcome of prolonged use of illegal cannabis but I'm refering to the effects after 1 smoke. What I'm saying is the stuff off this website is alot more potent than the illegal version. One review claimed that after one smoke the high was fantastic but the comedown wasn't very good. You shouldn't be experiencing a comedown after smoking any cannabis joint in one session, which begs the question what are they putting in this 'legal' version. The ingredients are not listed, so am guessing it's something not good.

This is probably why Mephiston's sister is experiencing extreme mood swings. I bet if she was to stop smoking this 'legal' version then they would see a vast improvement with her behaviour once the chemicals and cravings had left her system. I'm more than certain this is the root cause.
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1 - 5 of 47 Posts
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