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God Help Me

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My sister has gone psycho....shouting screaming threatening me... banging doors smashing stuff. Where are the men in white coats?! Freakin hell I need to get away from this!

Anyone work in this sorta area? We're clueless as to dealing with her!
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She's 20.....supposedly seeing a counsillor but today has yet again flipped big time.
She bullies my parents and uses blackmail to get what she wants. Always flips when someone says no. Sounds like a spoilt brat and you'd think it was a toddlers behaviour but shes 20 and blaming everyone but herself!

The issue is that the doctors/cousellor do not see the behaviour and are only told what she tells them which of course is overtly biased making out its everyone else not her.

The police will be involved if she uses a knife to blackmail my parents again. Its driving the family mad.
It has seemed that way, shes bullying them and when it comes to me I dont take it so she throws a wobbler. I do believe she needs bringing down a few pegs Im just waiting for her to start on me and not provoking for her to blame it on me.

Apart from that yes she's smoking some 'legal' version of weed called Skunk but her b/f smokes weed as my mate knows him. He's an unemployable worthless div who does nothing else with his days apart from play console games and smoke.

She needs attention just I dont think a counsellor is going to have the effect which is needed, when she can say what she likes unchallenged.

Your all right to an extent, just wondered if anyone knew if there was a process for getting such people 'looked after' as it were.
Not being funny,but i think lewerty has a point..If you let her do those things and get away with it,then she has won and she'll do it again because there is no retaliaiton.I say call her bluff ask her if she wants to spend a few yrs behind bars for asault with intent,and tell her to take plenty baby oil to mask the taste of pussy!!...and if that fails and she goes for you, or your parents then give her a good kicking. And if police get involved you feared for your safety and the safty of others around you at the time ..pleading self defence!!!cause make no mistake, no brother or sister of mine, that did that to me or my parents, would wish they hadnt been bourne hope you find truth in this answer
I like you Kel :)
Aye, I shall not instigate anything but sure as hell wont stand for violence from her. At which point she'll learn pretty damn quick.

As for the b/f he's scared of her too I think, but he's a useless div at the same time! She also wont allow anyone to speak to him as he's 'nothing to do with it'
He's also scared of me and my dad being such a stick insect and unhealthy.
Spot on post higher up the page, skunk is the mega-strong synthetic stuff. Keep at it with that stuff and it can lead to paranioa and mood swings.

A lad I worked with years ago went to Amsterdam and got hold of the strongest stuff he could buy (despite being warned not to by friends etc). He smoked a load and had an episode, ending up in a hospital over there. He was never the same again, he had really bad insomnia and never slept apart from when he got drunk at weekends!

Hmmm. She needs to stop smoking that stuff and see if it helps. I imagine getting her to do that isn't going to be easy though.
Then how is it legal to buy 'off the net' over here? Its also illegal in the USA, AUS, and many other countries!
Its some legal alternative? Herbalhighs is the website, and sumit called spice she uses.

I duno but her b/f smokes more than just this anyway. So is exposed regulary to it.
I think my moms looking into it after the other day, she works for the NHS too.
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