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God Help Me

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My sister has gone psycho....shouting screaming threatening me... banging doors smashing stuff. Where are the men in white coats?! Freakin hell I need to get away from this!

Anyone work in this sorta area? We're clueless as to dealing with her!
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bah thats nothing im being threatened by some little eeejit on youtube that he is gonna do me over and he is gonna torch my car.

oh dear
arent children great, I mean what would we do without them? apart from have such peaceful, safer lives than we have now. without fear of being mugged by youths in hooded tops carying knives and guns, wow we live in such a brilliant country!

I agree im glad i do have an alarmed garage to put my car in,

why is it they always say im gonna go for your Rover ermmmm son its an MG

What ******s i wish when im a bit older i have ebough wonga to **** off from this craphoile of a country
It has seemed that way, shes bullying them and when it comes to me I dont take it so she throws a wobbler. I do believe she needs bringing down a few pegs Im just waiting for her to start on me and not provoking for her to blame it on me.

Apart from that yes she's smoking some 'legal' version of weed called Skunk but her b/f smokes weed as my mate knows him. He's an unemployable worthless div who does nothing else with his days apart from play console games and smoke.

She needs attention just I dont think a counsellor is going to have the effect which is needed, when she can say what she likes unchallenged.

Your all right to an extent, just wondered if anyone knew if there was a process for getting such people 'looked after' as it were.

hmmm Canabis can defo affect you in different ways my mate who i used to work with until he moved to leeds was like that

If you said something he didnt like hed go absolutley mental.

I just learned to steer clear of him or just be careful what you say.......

I agree with Kel she needs a damn good wack or just put her on her ass even if you dont hit her, tell her if you "wave a knife at Mom And Dad again you will procede to kick her as hard as you can in the stomach.

i think she'd soon get the picture mate

She is what i call "Jee i wish my Daddy owned a bank kinda girl" AKA Spoilt little ****
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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