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God Help Me

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My sister has gone psycho....shouting screaming threatening me... banging doors smashing stuff. Where are the men in white coats?! Freakin hell I need to get away from this!

Anyone work in this sorta area? We're clueless as to dealing with her!
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She's 20.....supposedly seeing a counsillor but today has yet again flipped big time.
She bullies my parents and uses blackmail to get what she wants. Always flips when someone says no. Sounds like a spoilt brat and you'd think it was a toddlers behaviour but shes 20 and blaming everyone but herself!

The issue is that the doctors/cousellor do not see the behaviour and are only told what she tells them which of course is overtly biased making out its everyone else not her.

The police will be involved if she uses a knife to blackmail my parents again. Its driving the family mad.
Pretty extreme behaviour - any bad habits like booze/drugs?

Good luck dude.
Spot on post higher up the page, skunk is the mega-strong synthetic stuff. Keep at it with that stuff and it can lead to paranioa and mood swings.

A lad I worked with years ago went to Amsterdam and got hold of the strongest stuff he could buy (despite being warned not to by friends etc). He smoked a load and had an episode, ending up in a hospital over there. He was never the same again, he had really bad insomnia and never slept apart from when he got drunk at weekends!

Hmmm. She needs to stop smoking that stuff and see if it helps. I imagine getting her to do that isn't going to be easy though.
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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