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Hi Guys,

I think the time has come for me to move on soon. I have a job interview coming up and if I get the job I will get a company car so would like to start gauging interest for my car. If I dont get the job, I may well be going for a Seat Leon FR TDI.

Anyway, the car itself is a ZS120 on an 03 plate (private reg will be retained) and has just over 52k miles so very low mileage. I am the 3rd owner, the first was an old lady and the 2nd was a member on here so has always been looked after. I have done a fair amount to it since I've had it and has always been looked after and serviced. More recently it has had a full cambelt service, only about 3k miles ago with full coolant, oil, brake fluid change etc. At the same time it had the TF135 cams fitted.

Good points/Things I have done to it:
AS above, TF135 Cams
Long MOT (till March IIRC)
Tax till January
Upgraded ZS180 brakes with mintex discs and pads
Red monaco seats
Sprayed red interior
Sparco gear knob
Leather steering wheel
Powerflow backbox
Rover 45 clear headlights
Push button start
Front and rear union jack MG Badges
Inner wing induction kit
Rally mudflaps
Very clean bodywork
ZS180 front splitter
Citroen mist jets and Sparco flat blade wipers :D
Will come with ZS Straights with matching Nankang Supersports but will consider selling with my KEI Force 10's with matching Yoko Paradas for £250.

Bad points:
Rear passenger door handle does not work, simple enough fix, just needs taking out and repairing
Few small car park dents

So yeah, all in all it is a fantastic car and I have never had any problems with it what so ever. Its very nippy and has never been mistreated or abused, always warmed up before going over 3k revs etc. Fuel economy wise, it seems to have gone up since I had the cams fitted, now getting 380-400 miles to a full tank!!!

I'm looking for about £2100 which I think is a fair price considering how much love I have shown it. When I recently totted up how much I had spent on it since I have had it, it was above that, and thats only in the last year!!!


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