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Hi you all, i am a newby and am thrilled to be an MG owner once again.I purchased a 190+ in xpower grey on monday 6th dec 2010,its fully loaded with every thing,sunroof-harmen caeden sound-half leather with blue suede-t/c-heated seats-h/d washers and all the usual and 60k on the clock its near mint cond.It goes great and looks brill and all standard.
Now for my problem.If you try to start the car hot or cold you must give it some throtle or it will not catch,once started it runs on fast idle untill warm then ticks over fine,but once you turn off you must use throtle to restart or it wont catch,dont remmember my other zt doing this.
PLEASE PLEASE can some body help me?.
many thanks. tony.
P.S the car has an intermitant hesitation at low speed,2nd gear coming out of a roundabout.
i think toward plugs maybe.
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