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Superb result, which would have been even better if we hadn't have let Sweden equalise - sorry wrong thread!!!!!

At Silverstone we have MGs on the front row for each of Monday's races - Hughes was 2nd fastest for the Sprint Race and Reid went one better with the car's first pole of 2002 for the Feature Race - superb!

Times are as follows :

Rd 7 - Sprint Race
2 Warren HUGHES MG ZS 1:28.323 91.66mph
4 Anthony REID MG ZS 1:28.462 91.52mph
8 Gareth HOWELL MG ZS 1:28.714 91.26mph
10 Colin TURKINGTON MG ZS 1:28.800 91.17mph

Rd 8 - Feature Race
1 Anthony REID MG ZS 1:28.115 91.88mph
4 Warren HUGHES MG ZS 1:28.290 91.70mph
8 Gareth HOWELL MG ZS 1:28.558 91.42mph
10 Colin TURKINGTON MG ZS 1:28.586 91.39mph

Well done lads, roll on Argentina...

...sorry I meant the actual races on Monday!



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Hughes was supporting England today, he had a St. Georges Cross on each wing mirror.
At least he puts in more effort than the England Team, although it looks like he won the first half and Scotland won the second, well done Reidy.

MGR - Press Release

Anthony Reid secured the first pole of the BTCC 2002 season at Silverstone today in the MG ZS. Anthony will start on the front row for the feature race with his team- mate Warren Hughes right behind when qualifying in fourth.

The MG Hot Wheels Racing team also completed the successful day by qualifying second and fourth for the sprint race.

Sprint Race
Weather/Track: Bright / Dry

MG ZS EX260 Car no. 11 Anthony Reid Position: 4th

MG ZS EX260 Car no. 12 Warren Hughes Position 2nd

Feature Race
MG ZS EX260 Car no. 11 Anthony Reid Position: 1st

MG ZS EX260 Car no. 12 Warren Hughes Position: 4th

Anthony Reid:

“I’m just delighted for everyone on the team because they’ve worked so hard particularly over the winter with Dick Bennetts, WSR and AER. We know the MG has got it. It’s a very good chassis but the championship is so competitive you have to have everything in place and I think we’ve really benefited from the testing a couple of weeks ago at Snetterton. The car’s moved ahead, I’ve got a fresh engine for this race which has helped and so its pointing in the right direction.”

Warren Hughes:

“A good team session. I’m on the front row for the first race and second row for race two. I would love to have got a pole but it wasn’t quite there for me at this circuit just yet. Having said that the times are incredibly close but I’m really pleased for Anthony and the team that we’ve got one pole under our belt. I can win races from both my starting positions so we’ll see what happens.”

Dick Bennetts, managing director, WSR

“Very pleased to have two front row positions for Warren and Anthony this weekend. A pole position for Anthony in the feature race with a fresh engine is fantastic.”
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