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Hi all,

Greeny needs to go, quick sharp! I'm sure most of you know it, always been a well looked after motor, but i've lost interest. Need to get a new car sorted in the next few weeks otherwise it's getting traded.

- 55k, 2 previous owners
- 2004 54
- Lowered on Black Avo's
- Heko Wind Deflectors
- Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2's with Parada's
- 6 x 4 Oval Backbox
- Tax and Test

The car recently had engine work - head gaskets, oil and coolant etc. The car runs mint and feels good. There is a problem though, it blows smoke (oil) from cold occasionally. Once it has been running for around 10 seconds it's absolutely fine, no smoke at all. Must be valve guides i would think. It's something i would mention but with how the car's driving it can't be terminal. Would be an ideal project for someone - T Series or a 160 lump.

I'm looking for 2k as it is in the pics or £1500 on hairpins and no Avo's. Nice car for the money! Located in Leeds.

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