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How many others out there have experienced losing their job recently and finding it a tough world out there to get new employment?

I lost mine about two weeks ago and have been very active applying for new jobs. I had applied for other jobs before i was made redundant too.

The problem I have is this .... I am an artworker/print designer. I do not have qualifications such as a degree as I have progressed through many years of working in the print trade. This it seems counts for zilch!! Or is it my age at 46??

Whatever the reason, I have been turned down many times, not even had a reply with some of the older applications and yet its clear from the job advertised that I can do the job with my eyes closed.

I work with InDesign, Photoshop, Quark, can design websites, manage a small studio, liaise with clients and manage print projects from design concept right through to the final print or pdf. But I DONT have a degree to do this, experience yes, and plenty of it, but not a degree!!

So, is the print industry about the lose someone who can do a good job simply because my experience is getting ignored.

And then there is the question of what to do next. I would like to get more in to web development and have set myself a task to learn Dreamweaver. Alternatively I would like to get into sports photography (but who doesnt??).

Its early days I know but already Im learning how tough it is to find new work. Its disheartening at this early stage but how is it for those poor souls who have the skills, experience and can't find anything after several months or years.

I would consider retraining into a new trade but I have a mortgage etc and need a paying job. Or consider a franchise such as valeting.

I am applying for my PHV license to do limousine and wedding day driving would could be a new direction for me.

But I would obviously prefer to stay in the same trade, sadly I think its coming to an end.

So so difficult.

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Its happened to me twice since Easter 08 but I managed to get sorted with not too much time lost. Its not a nice experience and can be demoralizing signing on, not hearing back from applications etc.. but you just have to stay focused on what you want to do.

The job center were a complete shower from my experience, really push them to get you on courses if thats what you see fit. I was told that each unemployed person has roughly 2.5k allocated to for training\courses etc.. to help getting back in the work place.

Just dot let it get you down and stay positive with a direct focus on what you want to do, something will be around the corner. Good luck I hope things pan out for you.


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My missus has just lost her job, she is a solicitor - so you can imagine how much money it cost her getting through uni and then doing the qualifications after that. She's a victim of the legal aid retendering process which they've really screwed up. Believe it or not it's nothing to do with Tory costcutting, the changes were all decided during the Labour Govt. But something has got screwed up, 44% of law firms have lost their contracts.

It really is hard out there at the moment but is surely getting worse. I don't mean to get really political but surely anyone can see that making so many public sector workers redundant is taking money out of the economy, it might look better to the "city" but it means there are less people with money to spend buying things, so lots of businesses will suffer.

Good luck Martin in what you decide to do. I would say maybe if you can find something that might pay the same or more, even if it's completely different, seriously consider it.

It seems you have to grab every penny you can get in this world at every opportunity.

A few years back I was at a birthday party talking to one of my wife's friends, I have a degree in Computing and have been in IT since 1996, her husband had just started a job driving an HGV and was earning 2k a year more than me at the time. Just goes to show, worry about future prospects and how much you can earn as much as staying in the same industry.

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Difficult times Martin, I wish you luck.

My brother is about to be made redundant, he is 48. Lives in Didcot but works in Abingdon very close to the old MG site, at G E Medical Systems Ltd. His wife worked there too, she also has been made redundant.

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Hi Martin, we have just had some work done on the house, trying to get a price for the plumbing and the electrical work was a nightmare.

Plumber just started on his own, good worker and cheapish, says 5 to 6 weeks before he can take new work on.

Electrician the same, he has been working on a mates villa in Marbella, should be back on the job Weds!!!

If you are handy with your hands, if it were me, I would have a word at the Job Center and see what training courses are available, and any grants/help with mortgage etc.

Both son in laws are in computers, the wife taught herself Dreamweaver to do her web site and both of them said that there were easier programmes are out there.

Sure someone will recognise that your experience is worth more than qualifications, just a matter of sending off CV's until you find the right one.

All the best and hope you find something soon.

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