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Got a few bits for sale since the car has gone.

Front 180 (+160?) pads, Yellowstuff, bought from someone on here but never fitted. SOLD

Mk2 ATC unit, the control unit plus the dash bit that surrounds it (the ash tray and console etc) £30 delivered, could post just the ATC to save on postage if you just wanted that bit maybe?

Front grille, in ignition blue but the colour match is a bit off, well it was on mine anyway. SOLD

Got a few other of the servos for the climate control, got 2, Rimmerbros have these has permanently out of stock and at £75 or so each. Looking at around £30 for both delivered/£15 each.

Interior Temp sensor for the ATC, £70 from Rimmerbros

Pickup preferred if possible, i live in Runcorn. (WA7)

If these prices are way out please let me know, will likely be putting whatever isnt wanted on ebay. I'll get some pics up tonight.

Updated with what has sold. Rest is on ebay now, with cheap buy-it-now's.

Also a few ford/puma/zetec bits

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Still got bits left, will take any sensible offer for whats left.

ATC panel, interior temp sensor and temperature mix servos still available.
Definatly interested, £30 all in?
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