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Pfew, glad it's not about the Lux2001 meeting ;)

The sunroof isn't that weird tho.
Anyone can do that.
You just need some crepe tape, a sunroof, a hacksaw, a drill, 4 packs of sigarettes and a bottle of Famous Grouse.

- Just buy a sunroof.
- Then visit .
- Then put tape on roof and draw the lines.
- Then empty (smoke) the 4 packs of sigarettes.
- While smoking also empty the bottle of Famous Grouse.
- then put the drill in the roof........

and then ... there is no way back! ;)

If you preffer to let someone do it for you, they do the same.
so why pay someone else for something you can do?

now I hope I can get my hands on the 4x4 parts + gearbox of a wrx-impreza..........................

Dennis :D
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