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Evolution VII

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Just arrived home after being away for a week. Away again Wednesday. Anyway the point of my post is the wonderful article in Autocar discussing the cars servicing and ownership views.

Well worth a read, an interesting fact shines out. This was the poor service experienced at Motor Wey and the fact they saw the mechanic "Test Driving" the VII. I too witnessed this behaviour by Motorworld, Oxford when I had my VI.

I actually saw them go out in it "two up" for a six mile drive (I always zero and the odometer and remember the mileage" when my cars go for service, worthwhile tip. Needless to say Motorworld have never seen me again! :(
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might have been a different story if they changed the VTS for a 180 :D

btw,i quite like the new format,wonder what the new BBC2 motoring hour will be like next thursday?
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