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JIM said:
Highly rated Le Mans and ALMS entrant Rob Dyson is rumoured to be purchasing 2 MG EX257s. More MG's for Le Mans


This is really exciting news - here I am writing on the Forum, when I should be out relaxing on a break, but just have to say this could be a historic Le Mans and I had to reply (Jim phoned me on my mobile to tell me this breaking news). So, off I trot to an internet cafe to respond. :D

Could be 6 MG-Lola´s at Le Man! Get your patriotic XPower flags ordered now! This is not a plug, but genuine excitement at the thought of waving the Flag for MG!

So, far I haven´t the time off to attend, but all being well I´ll be there. Obviously no ZT385, will have to be the Trophy!


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Everyday there is a new rumour that some other team is looking at purchasing an MG-Lola. Dyson might be out of the picture but another team is now looking at buying an MG-Lola.

The rumour mill is working overtime at the moment me thinks.

Will keep all informed of whats going down.

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