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Double headers vs triple headers, FISC EuroTour reconsiders its position.

Where the economic turmoil started in the USA, British economy was second to be affected, already one year ahead of Europe mainland. Looking around at the start of the new racing season 2009, it is obvious that economic developments now seriously affect hobby racing.

I am sure the bigger series won’t notice too much, as these amateur racers are not in the habit of using their last penny to cover their racing budget and the racer that used to race on a shoestring budget probably has already fallen off last year.

Others that are left will seriously reconsider their position. Probably not signing on for any championship, but cherry picking alternatives.

Although FISC EuroTour was the first series - already since 2002 - to consistently offer triple headers and two hours of circuit time for the weekend, it could make sense to offer double headers and less track time instead. Perhaps leave the choice of upgrading to a triple header to the racer himself?

Our offer this year consists of high quality events at Spa Francorchamps, Zandvoort, Le Mans, Nordschleife and Dijon Prenois. Further information can be found at

BTW this is the time of year to enter our Zandvoort event. Make sure to be part of this high quality and convivial event.

Enjoy your racing,

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