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Obviously paying someone to monitor FB (24/7?) so why not answer criticisms rather than delete - theres still some negative ones there but obviously they have a cull every now and then.

The sales figs don't even suggest MG fans are buying them, never mind anyone else. Censoring the views of MG fans ain't gonna help their cause at all.
In my opinion your view here is entirely correct.

I have posted on several f/b threads about the various mg deals.

They seem to be concentrating all their efforts on the mg community. 90% of which won't touch one with a barge poll. And also the Birmingham area which is probably still smarting over what happened to mg-rover and the chinese backing out until it was gone to snap it up later at a bargain price.

Example: the NO VAT if you are (or join quickly) a member of the mg car club.

and 15% discount if you read the Birmingham evening news.

I posted about these offers and the reply was to go to my local dealers to see what offers they have got.

How about having some good deals and actually telling the public that they are available.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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