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Cloud wifi

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Has anybody used it, i was going to connect to it today at my local shopping center using my ipod touch but i couldnt find a price guide on the log in page so i thought better of it, does anyone know if costs or is it free
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It costs but I dont know the prices, should be on the splash screen. If you connect to it and try to get any web page you will get their splash screen to log in.

I have an O2 3G dongle for £5 a month and it comes with free unlimited access to the cloud and BT Openzone, not tried them yet though but for £5 a month with 500mb of 3G included its got to be worth having it just in case.
It's free aslong as you have an account, You can read about it here:

Hope this helps
Only free at some locations, others you need to have either a subscription or pay as you go.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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