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"Cloned" Trophy Spolier

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"Cloned" Trophy160 Spoiler

It would appear that there is a market for look alike Trophy Front spoilers.

Smith & Deakin supply replicas for circa £40 (MGR £200ish). Painting £50.

The following clips are also required: 4 off DYQ 000060 and 2 off DYQ 000070 according to the source (Roger Parker).

Picture of our Trophy with said lip spoiler:

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As these 'alternative spoiler will probably not have the specific mounting holes on the underside of the ends then self tappers, spire clips and washers will be a reasonable alternative.

Only the fixing used on the ends (in the wheelarch) will be visible.

The 'fun' bit is fitting with the adhesive strips used to hold the top visible edge of the splitted to the front panel!!!!!!


Your expertise and views are most welcome, hopefully you will enjoy contributing on this Forum, I´m sure you will notice a few familiar "names". All of which contribute enthusiastically and if they do want to blow of steam the specific Forums is there to oblige.

Oh, and one we all like is try typing the word ***.

Back to topic - have you been involved with any of these Spoilers and do they look the "bizz"?
So that is automatic is it? I was wondering!




Bavarian Motor Works... Damn! ;)
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