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That time of year has arrived, and christmas is going to arrive too quickly.

I am looking at having the last meet of the year on the 16th December, and booking an area for a Christmas meal at the harvester

I need an idea of numbers, and confirm the date with the harvester.

There is a choice of 2 or 3 courses, and are £10.99/£13.99 respectively.

Christmas menu

For groups of 6 or more, a £5 non-refundable deposit is needed, then the bill can be split between us all after the meal.

So anybody who wants to go, i need you to put your name down, and preferably get deposits at the next meet later this month.

As soon as i get some deposits, i can approach the harvester at the November meet to book everything, and hopefully we can have that day i have suggested.

So, get your names down (please copy/paste)

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