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Great site, wish I'd thought of it: "xpower-mg" or is it "mg-xpower"? It's were I got the Gyndaf Evans result from!

Have you joined the mailing list? I tried but there was no SEND button - but I guess there is no need for one! :(

Wonder whether I really ought to duplicate the motorsport stuff on my site, as it's presented very well on MG's own? :)

What am I saying? Shouldn't be admitting any of this!


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ive had a good look at the site and they have basicly copied your site :O)
they must of seen how many hits your site was getting .
but i must say its very well packaged.

dont they say "imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery" :O)


I'm flattered, no this Forum is attached to the is a private enthusiast website run by me with inputs from other enthusiasts. However, it a "PROPER" Forum with interaction, polls and private messages. It hopefully should go from strength to strength!

My website was formed coincidentally as MGR registered the similar address of I don't think it is MGR's policy to run Forums, it could be counterproductive in that those with axes to grind will do it in public. Something MGR will not want. :)

My previous server hosted mirrored accounts which I also need to set up. These are and and I checked Google and the later one is still very prominant when using "XPower" in Search!

Obviously, I need to add a privacy statement to avoid any further confusion. Hope this explanation helps?
Note: On the homepage it does state that it is a private website! :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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