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At the garage there are several sets of MGR seat covers & Alcantara headrests.
Lots of sets of Rover 25 leather in black or grey.

A few sets of neutral monoco.

Various odds & sods of bits.

These are not currently included in the liquidation sale as they were paid for personally but need to go just as quicly as if!

Preferably to sell in large lots & collection only unless otherwise agreed with Ralph. I'm sure he will do silly prices on these bits. Call him on 07956 199477 for info.
Please DO NOT PM me asking what is available etc as I do not know other than the Rover 25 stuff that there is quite a bit of & I don't have time to look.

The material will be usefull for general use for trimming odd bits even if you don't need the actual covers.

Also available is :-

A roll of neutral Monoco material £50.
A roll of Blue Axis material £50.
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