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Ok what i am looking for a is commitment to purchase. The sale of my charged motor is not going quick enough so lookin at possibly selling the other items first if there is enough interest.

Sale will be first come first serve and i will put your name against the parts. If they all get the nod then i may just go down that route, buy the Reyland ZS and wait out the sale of mine.

1 Complete Charger Kit £950
2. Bottom End with JE Piston (Needs 1 liner) £450
3. Quiafe Diff (NEW) £450 SOLD
4. Full Poly kit (already fitted to arms etc) £300
5. Perfect Power SMT7 piggy back £100 SOLD
6. spare G/Box will normal diff £40
7. Sheddist Kit £150

Please understand i want a proper commitment and not yeah i will have it, then change your mind a payment time. I purchased this lot to upgrade mine so i want it all gone before any of it goes if you know what i mean.

Please mail me any questions


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