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Castleford Xscape 27/02/2011

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Its yet again mini meet time!

PLACE - Xscape Castleford car park

DATE - Sunday 27th Feb

TIME - 12pm

Xscape Castleford
Colorado Way
WF10 4TA

Is easy to get to from the m62.

We'll meet at the bottom of the main xscape car park, have a good catch up, get food etc and time to get some pics.

I've always had good feedback from these meets. All members welcome.


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Everyone make sure you get there early as the car park filled up pretty quick last time.
You’re just jealous because I got an extra hour in bed Shaun.
Thanks Kate!

Hi mate, I live in Mirfield about 15mins out of Hudd'. I've not had the BRM long, I knew the previous owner, lives down the road from me. Car has got a silver grill. (will be correct orange soon!)
Where in the Hudd are you based?

Looking forward to this meet!

I didn't know you had a BRM now. Yeah man get down to the meet. I'm living back in Hud as of tonight as well again.
shud be fun im also at a mini meet this sunday aswell
What's the meet this Sunday? Where is it?
I'm living in Huddersfield now mate. Only back in Thirsk for occasional weekends now.
Yeah Boi. Need go wash it somewhere first. Do I dare risk the guys on Leeds Road? hmmmm
theyre good mate
tbf they don't look like a bunch of plonkers from what I've seen. I'll go over there Sunday morning then.
If your wanting my rally bumper you can have a closer inspection
Let me know a price mate, I know someone who might be interested.
they are good! people just past the galpharm on the right. they snow foam you and everything :brekkie:
Cool, In for some of that.
Everyone pulling out? WTF? I'm still in. Text me if anyones convoying from Hud.
Tony, get a Huddersfield meet organised you lazy good for nothin' student.
and Tas, Tom, Jimmie and anyone else in the West Yorkshire area.
1 - 16 of 158 Posts
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