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BT Internet...

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Ive been with BT Internet for many, many years and we are paying £26.41 per month.

I dont really want to change companies but think that I am paying way too much for just straight forward internet usage.

Im using a 'speedtouch' USB Modem.

Sometime soon Im going to get in touch with BT, but what do I ask for?
Do I need a 'Home Hub'?
How can i get the cost down?

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just ring them up and tell them it is too dear.

I did that with my mums and they dropped it to around 13.99 and sent a new wireless router.
I'm only paying £14 per month for "supposedly" upto 8meg BB, with a 30 gb over 30 days D/l limit, Ok because of the distance from the exchange i only really ever see about 2.5meg speeds, but i think that price would be a real bargain if i could get close to 8meg, and i still don't think it's bad with the speed i have now tbh- it just means it takes longer! But £26 for JUST BB!!!!!!

Bum rapery!!!!!!!!
I'm only paying £23 a month for BT business broadband which gives unlimited usage (which can be heavy with all the teenagers in the house), 50g of webspace, VOIP line, upto 9mb speed (according to their test), unlimited helpline access, wireless business router, a BT openzone hotspot.........
Gaz what mobile phone network are you with? Check their deals out. o2's broadband service is spot on and is about £8 a month :)
Thank for all the help.

Yes, Dorian Im with O2 so that might be worth a look at.

Thank for all the help.

Yes, Dorian Im with O2 so that might be worth a look at.

It should work a treat for you. o2 got their network going by buying out a company called "be" who had just spent a fortune on a state of the art network. So it's not a shabby cut price service at all :)
I pay AOL £9.95 for 8 MEG UNLIMITED + Free all day calls to landlines.
I have recnetly moved to BT and have the package and I think (after the first 3 months) it will cost about £26 per month.

However, I use mine all the time for work so I never go for the cheapest, I go for the most reliable. I am on a 2meg line, but the BT line regularly gives me more than this on download (up to 3meg?!)

Also bear in mind the upgrades they are doing, our exchange is being upgraded at the end of the year to some ridiculously high speed and the upgrade for my package is automatic at no extra cost.

Previously I was with Pipex (8 years) and until they were taken over they were OK, but I never got more than 1/2Meg on the line for last 6+ months.

I believe that my package is not particularly cheap, but I do believe that it's value for money for what I want it for....
I've switched to Sky for TV, landline and Internet. Been here for over a year and I have to say I am pleased.
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