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Boy Racers And The Law

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New legislation is on it's way. Listening to Talksport yesterday with Mike Dickin. The Police will be monitoring Boyracers and Joy Riders. If stopped(!) they will be given a warning not to do it again and slap their wrists. They might have been caught for a number of reasons such as speeding, dangerous driving etc.

If it happens again then their car will be put in a compound and held until they pay circa £100.00 to retrieve it.

Note this though. No points, no fines, no loss of licence.

However, if I was caught speeding or any of the above I would have the book thrown at me. It doesn't make sense. Doesn't pay to insure, tax your car and have a current MOT. Being honest makes the Policeman's life a luxury.

Would love to tell plod that i'm only a 40 year boy racer at heart and see what response I would get! :(
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I can remember when lying about your age meant saying you were older than you really were, getting served at the of licence or getting into an 18 film.

Never thought that I would ever see any advantage to pretending to be younger, until now.

Will I be able to get away with things if I start wearing a coat several sizes too big, wear a baseball cap the wrong way round and have loud 'Boom Boom' music on the stereo (my sons description, not mine).

Or will having 3 teenage children in the back be a bit of a giveaway.
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