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Blower Transistor

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I recently had my Blower Transistor (climate control version) go, I had it repaired but it has gone again, fan on full speed and wont shut off, anyone any ideas as to why this may have gone again.?
Been in touch with company in Italy who made this part who sent me drawings of this part i need and a list of dealers i can get it from so may be able to get new one but not holding out much hope.
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Might of overheated?

When reassembled you want the transistors pressing firmly against the heatsink, that paste although much better than air does not conduct heat at all well, it's designed to be used with a thickness of something like 0.01mm.

Also, make sure you and the soldering iron are earthed when handling the transistors, while not connected to the circuit board they might be sensitive to static which can cause them to fail long after installation.
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