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For Sale 2004 ‘54’ MG ZS 180 V6

Here we have for sale my facelift MG ZS 180(ps) 2.5 V6 saloon. I am the 5th owner, the previous owners all being enthusiasts, which shows in its condition. The paint is deep and glossly, it gets washed once a week, and was recently waxed with dodo juice, which will see it through the winter.

73,300 miles, with a long and detailed history. It has all the stamps in the book by a garage, not a “do it yourself” job, these are proper services, fluids all the filters. Not just the oil and filter which many cars seem to have and call a full service history. The last service was done in April this year at the cost of £371, and the car has covered just 3,000 miles since then. It had the all important cambelt changed which these car are notoriously expensive to have done. This was done September last year costing £950. It’s also had a new clutch last summer too costing £810.77. It has also had new inlet manifold, and VIS motors which these cars also commonly suffer from. You can find much of this cars history on Xpower forum where this car was shown off.

To top all of this it has Tax until the end of January 2012, and an MOT expiring October 2012. Plus a brilliant private plate, this comes with the car. I can’t think of a more fitting plate for an MG ZS than ‘MG03ZSS’.
It drives faultlessly, pulls in all the gears, and has plenty of power to put a smile on your face, and also return great motorway MPG. Being fitted with a Pipercross Induction kit, and long life exhaust, it has a fantastic tone to go with its stunning looks. Yet subtle enough not bother your neighbourhood.

Another bonus to this car is its year, being a ‘54’ plate it’s one of the newer 180 ZS you can buy before getting stung by the later high road tax £460.

The only known imperfection with car is a scratch on the rear bumper (pictured). If you’re being fussy it could do with new interior mats as it has the rubber ones, not carpet ones and they don’t look great. It’s just had a new wheel bearing, which has sorted the whiney wheel.
I am asking £2,000 for this car which cost £20k+ no more than 6 years ago its crazy I can’t quite believe what good value MG ZS’s are!

So you may be asking why he is selling this car with all its good point. After reading this back I am not too sure myself!! Basically I am a petrol head, and always wanted a track toy to play with, which can sit on the driveway. However my job has never really allowed that as I have had to drive to work, and a track car come road car just doesn’t really work (believe I’ve tried a few times) it’s a bit half arsed. Since moving, I am finally in a position that I can lift share with my other half meaning this car is sitting on the drive, I’ve considered using this as a track car but it’s just too dam good for that.

Feel free to call, text, email, you really need to come see this car if your interested!




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Think the car is a stunner, all the expensive bits done.

If I didnt love my TD ZS I'd be tempted.

All the best with the sale.

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