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Hi everyone,

Ive been viewing this forum for over 6 months now and thought it was time I said hello and showed my car.

COULD A MOD PLEASE RE SIZE THIS IMAGE!!! sorry about the size :(

Bought in febuary for the nice sum of 300 english pounds :D Purely right place right time and the fact im in the trade but always wanted one of these.

Had 11 months MOT and taxed too hehe, had suffered release bearing failure - so 3 hours work and 1 new clutch and she was ready to go. Even got receipts from lates for full cambelt change :D

She has 125k but still does strong and is a great tight drive. Over the last 6 months ive basically just been researching and reading up and getting the servicing done etc and now time to modify. So far she's had a few basic mods:-

Since the pic she has been lowered ( secret ) ;)

Vis breather mod (both vented to atmosphere)

Homebrew filter-less cold air feed (best mod so far)

Homebrew omplete de cat (both cats) and re-designed rear manifold bank (removed the 90 degree join)

Centre box removed.

The breathing mods definatly do wondered as i did experement with different setups. The secret lowering stiffens the car up beautifully with not much sacrifice for comfort. Vis breathers also another good mod. Another important one is some GOOD front tyres!!! I spent over 200 on a pair for the front and did alot of research.

So now to come..

Ive bought special BLACK metal dipped grooved disks all round which will be fitted soon.

Lightened flywheel (engineering company down the road from me lightens for 30 quid teehee)


Rear lower brace.

Basically I want to get the car to a track worthy state but still a daily drive.

Lots to come yet etc

Well thought I would just show off my bargain car really, as it was so cheap I have been able to make it bit of a guinea pig for mods and am basically trying to get the best out of it i can for bargain money. So far the car has cost me nothing apart from my time.

I do have some questions:-

I really want a diff - WILL a TORSEN diff from an 800/coupe etc fit straight into mine???

Has anyone had any experience with mapping companies to make the most of their mods?

Was the solid flywheel on the 180 fitted to anything other than the 180?

Thanks chaps!

See you soon.


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yeah sure i can.

I'll try and get some guides up, i'll get some pictures.

all the work ive done myself and is very easy.

Also ive changed the inlet manifold obviously haha got hold of a 60k manifold for free so thats on now... now the motor is just starting to fail (intermittant rattle) and with a swift tap to the VIS motor will cure it.

Should have put a guide up but this really is an easy engine to work on.
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