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MG isn't going to win Le Mans and a podium would be a surprise. But the EX257 does have a top three in it, even if the tiny budget available means Lola has only scratched the surface of the cars potential. A clean run really could yield much more than a class victory.:rockon:

The other two page article from the supplement, discusses the surprise on the pitlane, when Blundell put the 3 flying laps IN during pre-qualifying. Also mentions this years advantage of:
a) More economical motor.
b) AER much developed engine (the guys t the Snet test said it was virtually a new motor from last years).
c)New Michelin developed tyres (last years were primarily for the LMP900's).

PS. This years qualifying time was enough to get a third place in last years race and that's with a track that is 300 metres longer.:shout:

Starting to get a little excited.:rofl:
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