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Another well written article on the ZT385 in Autocar - details to follow!

This weeks magazine also has a review of MR2 - MGTF - MX5 and the outcome is extraordinary - you need to buy the mag!

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nothing we dont allready know......
price £40,000
length 4745mm
width 1970mm
kerb weight 1595 kg
engine 4.6 supercharged
power 370bhp7000rpm
torque 370ib/ft 3500rpm
power/weight 232bhp/tonne
0-60 5.0sec
0-100 11(est)
top 175mph
the interesting thing is that in n/a form the 4.6 32 valve V8 puts out 320bhp so by adding the supercharger they are getting a extra 50bhp:confused:

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From the autocar article - the bonet louvres are being toned down - GOOD as they protrude. Something more Mits EVO VII - would be better. :D

They are also blended the wheel arch extensions rather than having aftermarket type fitments. Again, I can use the Mits EVO analogy - EVO VI add on - EVO VII - blended whhen extensions.

Overall it should make it look less MAX POWER - which afterall is no bad thing when you are competing with the wonderfully finished *** M3/M5!

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It's nearly 4 years since we discussed this and I guess MGR weren't far away.

SnR were certainly testing Roush Supercharged cars and it now makes sense where the term ZT400 came from.

But it's taken Dreadnought to get the car on the market with their Kenne Bell modified cars! :D
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