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Japan...9 Rest Of World...1 Rover 75 still does well - #6

The Japanese have swept the board in a major new Auto Express survey to find the most reliable cars on UK roads. They claimed a staggering nine of the top ten and 18 of the top 20 places for cars that just never seem to break down.

The amazing figure comes as we publish the results of Driver Power 2002. The most reliable car is Toyota's funky RAV4, just ahead of the Mazda 626 and another Toyota, the popular Yaris supermini. Honda also scored strongly with three cars – the Civic, CR-V and Prelude – in the reliability top 10.

"The findings show that if you want a car which will go on mile-after-mile, year-after-year without ever letting you down, you have to buy Japanese," said Auto Express editor in chief David Johns.

There's bad news, however, for the Brits at the other end of the scale. Three of the worst four cars for reliability were made in the UK, including Land Rover's 4x4 for the fashion conscious, the Freelander. And when it comes to build quality, things weren't any better. Ten of the 20 cars at the bottom of that table were also made in Britain – including the big-selling fleet favourite, Vauxhall's Vectra. German car makers took the honours here, with the *** 5-Series claiming number one spot, and Audi having four cars in the top 10.

An incredible 15,000 of you completed the special survey forms published in Auto Express. Your cars covered a total of nearly 332 million miles – equivalent to over 13,000 times around the world or 192 times to the moon and back. These statistics make this the biggest car reliability and satisfaction survey ever carried out by a weekly motoring magazine. We asked you to rate 10 key areas of your cars. The responses were professionally analysed to produce the results, published in this week's magazine and in the two issues to follow.

Despite poor showings in some categories, there was some good news for British car manufacturers. Rover's impressive 75 saloon topped the rankings for best ride quality and comfort.

In reverse order, the Top 10 were:
10 Toyota Celica
9 Skoda Octavia
8 Audi A2
7 Mercedes E-Class
6 Rover 75
5 Lexus IS200
4 Toyota Yaris
3 Skoda Fabia
2 *** 5-Series
1 Porsche Boxtser

I've just read this result in full now - Skoda's - I know they have improved - but this is silly - owners with Rose Tinted Glasses I would think!
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