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12 metre wide section discovered oop north

Part of the Roman Fosse Way road has been discovered on an archaeological dig in Nottinghamshire.

Archaeologists uncovered the stretch of road, dating back to the mid 1st century, while working on the Highways Agency's A46 Newark to Lincoln Improvement. Experts from the City of Lincoln Archaeological Trust knew the road was nearby but didn't know its exact location and, although they fully expected to find Roman artefacts, the discovery of the Fosse Way was more than they had hoped for.

The size and condition of the ancient road is significant. A twelve metre wide section has been revealed and the tightly packed cobbles and materials used to construct the road can be seen clearly. Some of the ruts made by Roman carts have been preserved and there's even evidence of some Roman style road repairs.

Archaeologists will now section through the Fosse Way to investigate how the road was built and will pass on some tips to the Highways Agency.

Well, the Romans fixed roads - what do we do with our "automobile" revenue - pay for Browns whimes and NOT on our roads!

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I come from Basingstoke, Hampshire and all the council seems to be doing in the last 2 weeks is re-surfacing roads.

Everytime i go out around the town i have to be careful for the "SLOW - LOOSE CHIPPINGS" signs.

Bout time though coz i don't think they have done anything to the roads in about 10 years!!!
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