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Penny on Driven predictable as usual - what does that *** concept look like? Yet she says "it has stolen the show."

She is right of course - as it's the ugliest car there. At this rate *** should sink without trace - the Z4 the 7-series the new 6 and whatever that thing was at Geneva - we should be OK!

No, I'm wrong the Brits in there bucket load will buy them - just like they used to buy FORDS.

And what of the Maybach - streched Rover 75 and spoilt terribly. :(

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<<And the Maybach - streched Rover 75 >>

And without a shred of it's character.

I personally get a very warm comfortable feeling about some of the new models on offer from the competition, especially the C3 Saxo/106 replacement..They have totally ignored, thankfully, the MaxPowah set in the UK who will not want to be seen dead in that. And what will be raedy to step into the breech? Why, step forward the ZR!!!!
As for the Cayenne, well, words fail me. Porche are on the cusp of a terrible mistake.
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