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I have in my garage a virtually unused set of 4 Rover Turbine alloys that have the factory Dunlop tyres fitted to them. They only did a couple of hundred miles before my Addendums were fitted. There are no marks/scuffs/cuts on any of the wheels or tyres so are as good as new.

They are 15" & were standard fit on various models of Rover 25 & 45. Obviously they will fit all 25 & 45 models plus 200/400/Streetwise too.

MG Sport & Racing also used the Turbines on their Rally cars.

As for price, not really sure what they are worth, these won't really be of any interest if you are after a modded look but if you are after an original look or upgrade from steels then these are perfect. Not going to give them away cheap as that would be silly on my part as they may well be usefull at some point, just really want a bit of extra space in the garage.


See them in this old thread.........
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