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Are Modern MG saloons "Real MG's"?

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One thing to remember is that MG's have always be sporty variants of the parent company, or certainly as far as saloons are concerned.
I even believe that the Maestro's etc. of the 80's were as true MG's as the saloons have ever been, although many will disagree. I ofcourse feel that the 'Z' cars are infinitely better than the cars of the 80's and a better attempt, don't let anyone try to tell you that the modern MG saloons, the 80's cars included, are not true MG's, they are. If these aren't true MG's because they are not built at Abingdon or some other ridiculous reason, then we need to ask about the MG Magnette ZA, ZB and Farina's also the 1100's, and umpteen other cars. Who questions whether modern Jaguars are true Jags because they are not made at Coventry anymore, or the Aston Martins because they are not hand-made or made at Newport Pagnell, you can't have one rule for one brand and another rule for another. Also don't let people tell you that badge engineering is a bad thing because MG Rover does it, all other manufacturers do it and no-one minds, personally I consider MGR to be doing an incredible job and I for one am very proud to have been born on the same island as these incredible people who are turning this company around into a world beater.
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I agree that the modern MGs are not just re-badged Rovers.
Prior to taking delivery of my MG ZS I drove a Rover 400, a very different car to drive. My wife, who has an MG ZR, previously had a Rover 200 and says that her MG is very different from her old car.

Those who look upon the MG Zs as re-badged Rovers should try driving one that way they will know !
It is solely press speculation that the MGs are just rebadged Rover product - I wonder how many of these reporters have actually got out and test-driven one?

I'm lucky enough to work for an agent of MG Rover, and we telephone customers (fleet and retail) when they've requested a testdrive of demo vehicles to arrange delivery. We're talking over 3,000 vehicles, probably 60% of which are the new MG Saloons.

Although I do not deal directly with the customers (because of the job I do), I do on occasion pick up the phone when everyone else is busy and take the call. Recently, I've spoken to (a) a company director (b) a famous supermodel - who happens to have a car from our offices, and (c) a TV actress. ALL off them have tried the cars and love 'em. Many of the people who tried 'em have gone on to purchase. The supermodel has had friends sit in her car, she's taken 'em for a spin, and they've gone straight out and buy one for themselves. She's currently waiting for the launch of the ZT260/65, as she wants to buy one!!

The bad press MGR got at one point only hit the headlines because nobody beleives that a British-owned and British-run company can actually do well, and OUTPERFORM expectations!

Incidentally, I think I have a copy of the MG ad video on my work pc - if anyone wants a copy, let me know - my email is [email protected]
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It is correct to assume that the Z's, and the M car variants are indeed MG's to the core, and, as pointed out above, the difference in charachter of the base car and the MG variant is astonishing. Yes, I yield to no-one in my admiration and support for MG-R, but I was not going to be a happy bunny if these new Z's were not infused with real sporting zeal and, possibly above all, character, and this time last year I will admit to being slightly apprehensive. Thankfully they kicked my doubting butt good and proper. Is it not incredible, the devotion and sheer astutenes of those engineers, banned from any development of the saloons by BMW, and yet knew of the potential for them, and carried on a structured programme of enhancements in their own time?
This coming year will be the great awakening of the Z's and the MG badge as a whole. The BTCC has a high profile on ITV, meaning we can cheer those ZS's on from our armchairs as well, We have the new MG TF (Which CAR magazine are already working themselves into a lather as they can't wait to drive it), and the 260 and 385, and of course, the X80 (and a suprise?) which will increase showroom traffic, continue to raise the profile of the brands, and slowly build it all back up for the revamped 25 and 75's, then the whole new model in 2004! Now things are starting to become slightly clearer.
Let us not forget the previous stewardship pre BMW of Towers and Howe. Niche models abounded, the whole group were in profit, with replacements for all models in the pipeline. Towers was in the process of assembling the colatteral for a sensational buy-out from Bae, when Bae decided not to wait, and sold to B**.
But now they have the company, Lock, stock, and superchargers, and the sky is the limit!!!
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Getting on my soapbox for a minute:

As the company (hopefully) returns to profitability we will see better models emerging. I think they have done a fantastic job on a shoestring budget with limited resources (ring any bells - MGF)
The replacement for the 45 is probably going to be based on a cut down 75 floorpan, which if executed well will be a class leader for a long time.

Well deserved.

Rover was the success story of the early 90's. Everything they released was widely acclaimed, from innovative and awarded winning K series engines to major revisions to older models e.g. Rover Metro (What Car Car of The Year) 800 was

It was only under the management (prefix mis- to that) of B** that the brands started to falter.

The huge strides and advances made to put the brand ahead of main rivals in design and technology were lost and B** thought that applying their own know how of over pricing would strengthen Rovers brand image in the same way it had done theirs. By this time others had caught up and people went elsewhere.

Now they are back. . . . . . . .
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It is so important that they stay UK owned, it is time that we, in this fine country, started to believe in ourselves. We weren't the 1st industrial nation in the world for nothing you know.
Why do so many Brits claim to be patriotic and then go out and buy a car which is Jap/German/French/Italian.

It would be interesting to see what cars people turn up in for that annual festival of National pride - The Last Night of thr Proms.
Yes ***'s, Mercs, Fords etc
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