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Got a kit worth £1750 to fit an EVO VII - contains grooved 330mm discs - 6-pot calipers Ferodo2500 pads - lines - fluid. :D

Obviously the only real change for all cars is the mounting brackets for the calipers. Here I am trying to sell them - but of course I'm sure they will fit the ZT - anyone know? People on the EVO Forum have been offering £1100 for them

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Update & Looking for help!

They don't fit unless I complete an expensive modifications. :(

The following was AP's 1st reply:

It's quite feasible but you would need to design a caliper bracket and disc mounting bell to convert. The bell would come first to determine where to place the inner disc face then the bracket could be sorted to position the caliper correctly.
Calipers from the Evo kit are leading mount so this should match the MG requirement.
Your final hurdle is wheel clearance, I doubt a std rim will clear?

Futher e-mail from AP Racing - saying I would swop kits if required.

But we don't produce an aftermarket kit at present for the 75 models although 2 years back we did some prototype work with Rover for an Estate MG badged Show car that was promoted in the motoring press at the time. I believe the 75 MG models have evolved from this but they did not take up the brakes for the ZT190 versions.

If I can sort through the file and obtain the bracket / bell schemes it might be possible to resurrect this installation. It did use our 6 pot calipers and Ø355x32mm disc (the Evo VII kit uses 332x32mm disc) so some adjustments would be needed if you use this disc Ø on both bracket and bell. The major obstacle would be wheel clearances. The show car had special wheels with adequate spoke offset to clear the caliper face, I can't see a
standard rim having enough room. If the standard pin slide aliper is closer than 30mm to the spokes it is a reasonable indication that the rim is to shallow for our set up!


Can anybody measure the distance Pete Collen mentions?

Below the car in question prior to PDi
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