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Hi guys,

Haven't been on here for a while as I sold my ZS. I good friend of mine has been looking for a 180, and as this one was just down the road from me I went to look at it for him:

Anyway, long story short he bought another one that was much closer to him (he's 2 hours away from this car, which is in Wycombe), so thought you guys could benefit from my viewing today :)

So, important things first: it has MOT til September, and has a receipt for the cambelt change 10,000 miles ago. It's only had two owners, drives very well, very clean in and out and has no odd knocks or bangs from the suspension or drivetrain.

Couple of points to bear in mind: no tax, so you'll need to factor that in. Front tyres are on the legal limit as well (Good-years all round, rears are fine). Clutch felt a little spongy as well, looks like it still has the original hydraulics.

Having said that, the seller was very genuine, happily took me on a long test drive, and will probably take £900 cash. It has a couple of marks but looks pretty smart, if I was in the market I would have bitten his hand off!

Just to clarify, I am in no way affiliated with the seller - I just thought someone on here could benefit from my experience :)
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