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Had this emailed to me earlier today - it's true, I swear!

'PO0' number plates cause a stink

Hundreds of licence plates have been recalled because they begin with "PO0".

The DVLA plates have 'PO' for Preston, which is then followed by the year '02'.

The plates had already been delivered to dealerships in Lancashire.

DVLA spokesman Gareth Hughes told the Blackpool Gazette they had been withdrawn following objections from members of the public and the motor trade.

He said: "The agency has always withheld registration marks with combinations of letters that are likely to cause widespread offence. These are normally considered to be potentially obscene or offensive to the general population."

Stuart Dempsey, a salesman at Squires Gate Motors in Blackpool, says the new plates had caused a stir when they first arrived.

He added: "We haven't had a problem with them. People have had a laugh about it and see them as more than a novelty than anything else."

The first two letters on most registration plates issued in the Fylde area are P for Preston, followed by a random selection from A through to T.

The two numbers indicate the period the vehicle was first registered, 02 for March to September 2002 followed by 52 for the second half of the year.

Longbridge !
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Thats quite funny, I live in Preston.
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