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Any colour - as long as it's yellow

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ZRs are, according to my local dealer, selling well in all colours. I know that my local dealer has sold them in red, yellow, blue and, i think, anthracite.

When first available someone who lives nearby had a yellow one parked outside one day.

On holiday in Cornwall in early august a yellow example was attracting a lot of interest.

My wife bought a yellow 105.

Last weekend, whilst taking my son and his mates to Hull, we saw a yellow 160 in town before setting off, and as we came out of McDonalds in Hull were confronted by a yellow 5door in the car park (we were in the wifes car).

Yesterday we went to Meadowhall, near Sheffield. No prizes for guessing what colour the ZR in the car park was.

I know that ZRs are made in other colours - the Atomic Kitten photo proves it, it's just that I have yet to see one on the road.
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Come down to Stevenage and most of the Z's you'll see are Trophy Blue.

Like yourself, hers is a ZR and it drew a similar response from her pupils at school to that which you describe elsewhere.

I also teach and would love a ZT to replace my 600. Have taken the ZR to my school and . . you've guessed the rest.:)
Brilliant news - get them when they are young! I wonder why they then go on to buy European stuff?

Kernahan had a YELLOW ZR160 which they had the windows tinted. I thought it looked great and not "Max Power" at all!

Two teachers with YELLOW cars - I thought you guys were supposed to be conservative! :D :D

Sorry John, your "bosses" car is YELLOW!
Interestingly, the most common colour on the roads around here for ZRs is red , closely followed by blue.

Whist at the dealers on Friday a transporter arrived witha new consignment of cars. They were hoping that at least one TF would be on board but unfortunately not.
No prizes for guessing which colour the ZR was that was delivered.
Hi everyone.
Mines yellow, I think that it makes it look distinctive.
It's happened. I've finally seen a ZR that isn't yellow.

Saw a Trophey blue ZR today - looked good.
Round here the most popular colour seems to be Platinum Silver followed by Solar Red and then Trophy Yellow.
Went out with the girls last night. When we left the nightclub and got back to the carpark we found a silver ZR parked next to us.
Looked very nice but I prefer yellow, like mine.
Whats a ???

I know this really exposes my ignorance, but what is a ***'s?:confused:
but what is a ***'s?

nazi staff car
be em uu
Do you mean those who must not be named.
Think I'll stick with my platinum ZR+. Around here red and blue is popular, I've only heard of a yellow and a anthracite, and mine is the only platinum I've seen so far.:D
Seen a red zr(mine);) , also a silver one, and a green one. But no yellows.
Also spotted a blue zs.
Durham area.
Yellow seems to be the colour - just added another Trophy Yellow 3-door to the main site - thanks Gerry Davis. :D
Im having real trouble deciding on a color :(

Originally i wanted a yellow, decided its just too bright for me, then i wanted a trophy blue but everyone has them :/ so im off to my local mg dealer this weekend to try and find one in the anthracite to see how lovely that it. Ohh the decisions! :D
Yellow Yellow Yellow

B4 buying my ZR i had to decide on a colour. My sister already had a yellow one so that was out of the question, mmm.......what colour do i go for????

Decided on the Trophy Blue. Had not seen any that colour around so i went for it.....

How glad am i???

On my way to Portsmouth today, took the M3/M27 route from my place.

M3 south bound overtook a yellow ZR, and saw a red one going the other way..

M27 saw a yellow ZS coming out of Portsmouth and then another yellow ZR about 3 miles later. :eek:

I've had my car for 2 weeks now, so far not seen another Trophy Blue ZR on the road (yellow count is now up to 7).

Answer: Very glad!!!!
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When buying my ZR 160 the other week, I told the dealer I wanted a 3-door in anthracite. I was told that they didn't have any. When I went back to collect my car, some lucky geezer was collecting his 3-door ZR160 in anthracite. He bought it from the garage in the morning and I turned up in the afternoon. It was the last one in the country I was told (unless anyone know's different.) Still, very happy with trophy blue. Is this why I never see anthracite ZR's on the road???

My MG-ZR 160


My anthracite MG-ZR :D



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At brands today the carpark had loads on ZR's, mostly in cat sick yellow:D
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